Price rises for some Sky Broadband services

As of 1st April some Sky Broadband products are going to have their monthly price increased. Sky Broadband Unlimited will see its standard price increase from GBP28.99/m to GBP30/m and Sky Fibre 25GB will increase also from GBP28.99/m to GBP30/m. The current GBP20/m offer[1] on the 25GB service has also increased to GBP21/m, though this product is not always shown to people on the product pages.

Existing customers paying the standard prices should get the required 30 day notice period to make up their mind to do nothing and accept the price rise, or spend some time looking at other offers and migrate[2] to a new provider. If you have had the notice of price rise notification there is no need to contact Sky when you migrate you just order from your chosen new broadband provider, if Sky try to charge the remaining months of any contract in the ‘sorry you are leaving’ letter they send out then contact them to tell them you are migrating due to the price changes. By using the normal migration path you avoid what has happened to others with various providers over the years of them ceasing your broadband ahead of any migration.

If the Sky Fibre Unlimited and Sky Fibre Max prices were changing we would have expected to have heard at the same time as the two services that are changing, so looks like their prices remain static on 1st April, but of course who knows what will happen in another month or two.

For those who take Sky Sports satellite TV channels, the price is rising from GBP27.50 to GBP28 per month.


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