1 million full fibre premises milestone reached in UK

Slipping past the 1 million premises passed by full fibre milestone deserves a mini fanfare and hopefully the old adage from millionaires that the first million is the hardest will apply and many more millions will now quickly follow. Our tracking of the UK broadband coverage last night saw our count of full fibre premises jump from 997,861 to 1,000,648 premises, thus breaking the psychological first million barrier. We don’t know which provider broke the barrier but we had added Openreach GEA-FTTP, Hyperoptic and SeeTheLight (IFNL) premises to our analysis on Thursday, so they can fight for the crown if they want.

We are tracking Openreach GEA-FTTP coverage at 467,961 premises currently. The coverage percentage for full fibre across the UK is now at 3.45% and continues to increase, particularly as we are in the midst of processing the latest new build premises, triggered by the recent release of the latest ONS dataset. The merging of the new postcodes and premises into the existing dataset always produces some blips both down and up, so for anyone using[1] do not be suprised if a percentage for an area decreases slightly, the most common reason being we’ve just spotted a new estate of a few hundred homes where superfast services are not yet available.

NOTE: If you add the individual full fibre figures up from operators you get more than the 1 million figure, but there are a number of areas where two full fibre providers overlap.


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