Work is your most important programming qualification

HackerRank recently published the results of its annual developer survey, the 2018 Developer Skills Report[1]. The report found that employers care more about a programmer’s published code than their education, and that that ability to solve problems was an important attribute. The study aimed to identify trends in developer education, skills, and hiring practices, and involved 39,441 professional and student developers completing an online survey between 16 October and 1 November.

Show what you can do

According to the report, employers care more about the experience and portfolio of a developer than where they went to university.

“What you do matters more than anything else,” stated the report. “An overwhelming majority of hiring managers said they look for proven skill, such as previous work, years of experience, and projects [or GitHub portfolio].” Regardless of company size, 90% of hiring managers said that previous experience and years of experience are indicators of skill.

“Small companies place a higher value on the portfolio – 80% versus 66% of large companies.”

What employers value

Work is your most important programming qualification

The qualifications

Filtering the data by roles, HackerRank found that those in C-level positions such as founders, CTOs, and vice-presidents looked more at portfolios than at years of experience. “Prestige of degree dropped even further in importance for these folks,” stated the report. “This could be attributed to the fact that by the time candidates meet execs, they’ve gotten to a point in the hiring process where interviewers are no longer looking for resume qualifiers.”

HackerRank said that C-level executives often have recruiters or another teammate focus on resume-based proxies.

“When developers meet with C-level folks, there’s more time to evaluate proven skills based on projects, previous work, and portfolios.”

What executives value

Work is your most important programming qualification

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