VEC to expand broadband areas in June


There never seemed to be any worry from Volunteer Energy Coperative (VEC) officials when it was announced last year they would begin a pilot program to test the interests of potential customers for broadband services.

“If we could get 50 percent to take the service, we would be in pretty good shape,” Rody Blevins, CEO/president of VEC, told the Cleveland Daily Banner in December. “We are not-for-profit, so this thing has to pay for itself over time. If I show my board it will never pay for itself, we can’t do it. But, I don’t think that’s going to be the case.”

This past December, VEC launched the broadband high speed internet pilot in Bradley County. Partnering with Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative, the coop began offering families in the Camelot subdivision and the Bigsby Creek Road area of Bradley County broadband at 25 mbps, 250 mbps and 1,000 mbps speeds through fiber to the home. This includes dedicated bandwidths so the speed will not fluctuate like with other companies.

Also offered were TV and telephone combination packages with internet depending on what the homeowner preferred. VEC-TwinLakes installed the first internet package at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hollifield in the Camelot subdivision.

The installation day went smoothly and the installers finished on time. “We had no problem with the installers. They were on time and friendly,” Mrs.

Hollifield told VEC. “We chose the 25 mbps because we do not download much ,but it works well. We haven’t had it quit once since we got it.” The original pilot area has been so successful, VEC is preparing to expand the pilot area as early as June 2018.

The potential expansion areas are the Van Davis and No Pone areas just off Highway 60. This area may include parts of Old Georgetown Road and part of Paradise Lane. The expansion is dependent upon the interest shown from those areas.

If you live in that part of Bradley County, VEC asks you to please go to[1] and sign up. This will give the coop a clear indication of which area to go to next. Even if you do not live in those areas but you are a member of VEC, you can show your interest in fiber to the home internet service.

Go to to get signed up.

It will indicate tyou are not in an area which is not currently serviced.

VEC said signing up will increase the likelihood of your area receiving broadband.


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