The best Samsung phones of 2018

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are among the most popular in the world, and with good reason. They are well built, slick handsets with a popular interpretation of Google’s Android mobile software. From the top tier S-series and similar Note series to the A-series, Samsung has a strong range of Galaxy phones for all tastes and budgets.

They are often more similar than you might imagine, and older flagship phones are always a strong option too. We expect the Galaxy S9 to launch at MWC[1] on 25 February, and the Galaxy A8 will be released soon after we saw it at CES.

After the Note 7 debacle, the Note 8 is a fine phoenix of a smartphone, but at a price. The A series and older S7 are also represented here.

Many Samsung phones go down in price not long after launch, so you may end up spending less than you firs thought. Let’s take a look at the best Samsung Galaxy phones.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8[2]

The best Samsung phones of 2018

The Galaxy Note 8 is expensive, but the finest things in life don’t come cheap. This is currently the best Samsung Galaxy phone.

If you can stomach the price, we are really taken by the Note 8. Until you see it you’ll find yourself wondering why anyone would choose it over the cheaper Galaxy S8+, but the S Pen alone justifies this price difference.

Performance is bang-on, the screen is amazing, and photography is difficult to fault. Even Bixby has shown itself to be anything but the over-hyped, unnecessary feature we feared it could be.

Potential downsides are the expensive price tag, a slightly awkward fingerprint scanner and a very tall glass body that is more fragile than metal-body phones.

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2. Samsung Galaxy S8[4]

The best Samsung phones of 2018

Samsung has taken the best phone around and made it even better with an impressive Infinity screen and premium design. It ticks a shedload of boxes – as you’d expect from a flagship. It’s one of the best phones of 2017, and is nearly half the price of the iPhone X.

But the biometrics are a let down.

If you want a slightly larger screen and battery, then the S8+ also gets our approval. Though now, the OnePlus 5T offers staunch competition on specs and price.

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3. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus[6]

The best Samsung phones of 2018

We’re really impressed by the Galaxy S8 Plus, just as we are with the regular S8. Samsung has done a great job of making last year’s phones even better.

Both offer the infinity edge screen, though you might prefer saving money and going for the regular S8 unless you specifically want the Plus’s larger display and better battery life.

Watching video on the display is an absolute treat, too.

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4. Samsung Galaxy A8[8]

The best Samsung phones of 2018

  • Reviewed on: 22 January 2018

It isn’t out till April in the UK, but our hands on time with the A8 was very promising.

It is by far the best A-range device to date and effectively the Galaxy S8 mini we always wanted.

Samsung has brought the flagship design into a cheaper phone while keeping key features such as the Infinity Display and waterproofing.

It’s an attractive offering, but if you can’t wait till April and want to spend less, there are plenty of other Galaxy phones.

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5. Samsung Galaxy S7[10]

The best Samsung phones of 2018

Even though the S8 changed the design of the modern smartphone, 2016’s Galaxy S7 is still one of the best phones Samsung has ever made. Now at just under GBP400, it is a massive bargain too. You could also opt for the S7 Edge which has a curved display, and only costs a little more[11].

The S7 improved on the S6 in every conceivable way and is still fast and sleek while boasting a camera that is practically the same as the one on the S8.

Highly recommended.

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6. Samsung Galaxy A5 2017[13]

The best Samsung phones of 2018

The Galaxy A5 2017 is a fantastic mid-range phone, with the looks of a flagship and some decent performance and all-round specs.

It’s a good cheaper option that can be found for around GBP200, though if you can afford it you might want to look at the Galaxy S7, an older flagship that has a stellar camera and better specs than the A5.

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7. Samsung Galaxy A3 2017[15]

The best Samsung phones of 2018

Overall, the A3’s improvements for 2017 are pretty significant and make this nice-size, reasonably priced phone even more appealing if you like the idea of the Galaxy S7 but can’t quite stretch your budget that far.

Its waterproofing and fingerprint sensor are both convenient and practical, and the good-looking design makes it easy to forget that this phone has a price tag that’s way under half that of many flagship phones.

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8. Samsung Galaxy A7 2016[17]

The best Samsung phones of 2018

The Galaxy A7 (2016) is a great-looking upgrade over its predecessor, with outstanding battery life and a few other welcome tweaks, but there is no escaping the fact it is overpriced at GBP399, and that price hasn’t come down loads considering it is nearly two years old.

There are dual SIM versions available if you really want that feature on a Galaxy, but otherwise there are better options.

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