Sky Now TV Streaming Smart Stick price, release date and specs

Continuing its range of own-brand media players[1], Sky has announced the Now TV Streaming Smart Stick. It claims the gadget as the UK’s cheapest streaming stick offering consumers an affordable way of getting Sky TV without a contract. As well as the new device, Sky also announced that new customers will soon be able to get its value broadband as a standalone contract-free service.

Now Broadband will launch in the next few weeks with prices starting from GBP18.

Price and availability

Sky says that the new Now TV Streaming Smart Stick will launch in February and will be priced at GBP14.99 from Sky[2]. This makes it the most affordable of its type with the nearest well-known brand rivals being the Google Chromecast 2[3] and Roku Express[4] both at GBP30. Although there are plenty of free services available, we’ll explore them below, you’ll still need to pay to access Sky’s range of content.

You can get the Streaming Smart Stick bundled with a Now TV Pass starting at GBP19.99 which includes either one month of Cinema or two months of Entertainment.

A one-month Sky Sports Pass and the Streaming Smart Stick bundle costs GBP29.99. Below are the standard prices for the Now TV[5] Passes:

  • Entertainment Pass – GBP7.99
  • Sky Cinema Pass – GBP9.99
  • Sky Sports Pass – Day GBP6.99, Week GBP10.99, Month GBP33.99
  • Kids Pass – GBP2.99

Sky Now TV Streaming Smart Stick price, release date and specs

Specs and features

Like previous Sky Now TV devices[6], the new Streaming Smart Stick is made by Roku, one of the leading manufacturers of media players. The Now TV Streaming Smart Stick comes complete with voice search, the ability to pause live Now TV premium channels and a Wi-Fi remote control – that means you don’t need line-of-sight for it to work like a traditional infrared remote.

Since the device is powered by Roku, you get a user interface – rather than casting content from a phone – and access to plenty of apps including BBC iPlayer, ITV hub, All 4, YouTube and the Sky Store.

Sky Now TV Streaming Smart Stick price, release date and specs

Interestingly, Sky says that this spring you’ll be able to download content to phones and tablets as a Now TV customer.

It will start with the Kids Pass and by the end of the year there’ll be a new option to stream live and on demand Now TV content in Full HD.

As mentioned earlier, Now TV will also have its own broadband packages starting at GBP18 per month.

The packaging for the Now TV Smart Stick has been produced without any use of plastic in line with Sky’s Ocean Rescue campaign.


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