SK Broadband launches voice-controlled AI IPTV service

SK Broadband, a unit of Korean mobile operator SK Telecom, has introduced a voice-controlled artificial intelligence (AI) internet protocol TV (IPTV) service dubbed ‘B tv x Nugu’. SK Broadband has integrated its IPTV B tv set-top box with SK Telecom’s AI platform dubbed ‘Nugu[1]‘, The Korea Times reports. B tv x Nugu service users will be able to search for a program using natural language even if they do not know the exact name of the program.

After the search results come out, customers can perform additional searches until they find the content they want, SK Broadband said.

“Previously, users could search for certain words only using the voice search service, but the new service enables more complicated searches by natural language”, said Youn Seug-am, head of SK Broadband’s media department. The company plans to continue to develop its natural language processing functions. Users can also control other smart devices at home such as air conditioners and air purifiers by using B tv x Nugu.

The service includes various IoT-based smart home features. Other voice search services provided by B tv x Nugu include weather, fortune for today, dictionaries and Wikipedia as well as the results of sporting events. “Our goal is to increase the number of monthly Nugu users to more than 5 million”, said Park Myung-soon, SVP at SK Telecom’s AI business office.

The company plans to increase its number of customers using the smart home service as Nugu customers tend to adopt the AI navigation service[2], Myung-soon added.


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