Plusnet offers £50 cashback with £19.99 broadband deal

Plusnet offers £50 cashback with £19.99 broadband deal

What is better than cheap broadband? How about cheap broadband with free money on top? From today, Plusnet is offering new customers GBP50 cashback when they take its Unlimited Broadband deal.

You will get speeds of up to 17Mbps, unlimited usage and line rental for GBP19.99 a month, plus there is no activation fee. This Plusnet deal is offered on a 12-month contract and would cost GBP189.88 over the year once you factor in the monthly charges and the cashback. Plusnet is also offering higher speeds of 38mbps in its Unlimited Fibre Package.

You won’t get any cashback but your internet should be faster and you still get the unlimited usage and line rental. This 12-month contract costs GBP24.99 a month with a GBP15 activation fee. That works out at GBP314.88 over the term of the deal.

You can also go even faster with speeds of up to 76Mbps with Unlimited Fibre Extra. This costs GBP31.99 a month with a GBP15 activation fee on a 12-month contract. You would pay GBP398.88 over the deal period.

These offers are available until 20 February.

Cashback offers

Cashback has become a popular incentive to switch to a new broadband deal[1]. Sky Broadband offers a GBP50 prepaid MasterCard on its Unlimited Broadband deal for GBP18 a month. This package offers the same speeds and unlimited usage as Plusnet’s 17Mbps offer, but unlike others it reveals its average is 11Mbps.

The Sky deal also includes line rental and SkyTalk but there is a GBP9.95 set up fee. The overall price on a 12-month contract would be GBP175.95 when you include the set up costs and cashback. That is GBP13.93 cheaper than Plusnet’s equivalent package.

BT is also offering a GBP50 MasterCard reward card on its 17Mbps Unlimited Broadband package. This comes with unlimited usage, line rental and six months of BT Sport for free on an 18-month contract. The monthly cost is GBP24.99 and there is a GBP9.99 upfront fee.

That works out the dearest out of the three at GBP409.81 but you are paying for a longer term and getting free access to BT Sport for six months of the deal. The cash may sound tempting but the one issue you may run into is the internet speed. The 17Mbps target is pretty low and you could get frustrated if you are a regular internet user and need access to streaming services or like to download a lot of games or music.

You can get speeds of up to 76Mbps and a GBP150 reward card with BT’s Unlimited Infinity Fibre package for 18 months plus six months’ free BT Sport in its January sale. The monthly fee is GBP39.99 a month and there is a GBP9.99 setup cost, taking the overall charge over the term of the deal to GBP579.81. A cheaper option is Vodafone’s Unlimited Fibre 76, offering up to 76Mbps with unlimited downloads for 18 months at GBP24 a month.

There are no set up costs. You would pay GBP432 over the term of the deal. If you want to go really fast, Virgin Media offers speeds of up to 200Mbps along with unlimited downloads for 12 months at GBP37 a month plus a GBP20 setup cost.

That will cost you GBP464 over a year.

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