New Unlimited Broadband Plan Of BSNL Offers 800GB FUP Limit

Deals typically end after some days, and the customers may have a choice to continue with deals tariff or other. In that aspect only, now ISP introduced BSNL Chandigarh new broadband plans as a special promotional offer[1] for broadband customers in Punjab circle with 800GB FUP limit. ISP’s do not typically tell their subscribers about their deals to end in which time.

Here all the information is available for Chandigarh users about when it starts and when it ends and when the users get benefitted. BSNL corporate currently introduced four new unlimited broadband plans for Chandigarh SSA (Secondary Switching Area). All the new four unlimited broadband plans start with 10Mbps speed having FUP limit in each program.

Plan:1 BBG Combo ULD 795 CS201: This unlimited broadband plan offers 10Mbps speed till the reach of 100GB limit. The monthly charges for this program are Rs.795. Plan:2 BBG Combo ULD 995 CS202 allows 10Mbps up to 175GB at a monthly rent of Rs.995.

Monthly charges are Rs.995 Proposal:3 BBG Combo ULD 1395 CS203 introduced with 10Mbps speed by allowing 400GB FUP limit. Rs.1395 is every month plan subscription charges for all.

Plan4: BBG Combo ULD 1995 CS204 is the most lucrative unlimited broadband plans offers 10Mbps download speed with 800GB FUP limit at a monthly charge of Rs.1995. The most attractive thing in all the BSNL Chandigarh new broadband plans is 24hours unlimited free calling. It is also without any extra charges.

Just apply new BSNL broadband plans[2] and enjoy unlimited calls and unlimited high-speed internet through the month. All the new tariffs also provide an additional discount on yearly, two-year and three-year subscriptions as mentioned in the table. Security deposit and minimum hire period are as per the conditions only.

BSNL Chandigarh New Broadband Plans Tariff

New Unlimited Broadband Plan Of BSNL Offers 800GB FUP Limit

BSNL corporate also confirms that the same plans will also be applicable where the Fiber service is suitable for Chandigarh service area of Punjab circle[3]. These BSNL Chandigarh new broadband plans are now available as a promotional offer for 90 days. The start date is 30.01.2018 and open up to 29.04.2018

The existing customers of Chandigarh business area of any broadband subscription can now migrate to this BSNL Chandigarh new broadband plans in the above dates to grab this offer.


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