Liquid Telecom launches the South Africa Data Centre

Africa Data Centres, a subsidiary of Liquid Telecom, has launched newly-expanded data centre facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Called the South Africa Data Centre, the carrier-neutral, open access facilities were expanded from the data centres Liquid Telecom gained in its R6.55-billion acquisition of Neotel[1]. It upgraded the total floor space of its Johannesburg data centre from 1,800 to 3,000 square metres, and its Cape Town data centre from 500 to 1,800 square metres.

The Johannesburg data centre has a total power capacity of 7MW, while the Cape Town facility offers 5.5MW of power. Liquid Telecom’s group chief business development officer Willem Marais said they aim to increase the capacity in these data centres five-fold over the next five years. Marais said the data centres are connected by fibre routes from major carriers, as well as every undersea cable system that lands in South Africa.

“Liquid Telecom is a direct consortium member, or a large anchor tenant on all of the subsea cables coming into South Africa,” Marais told MyBroadband. The South Africa Data Centre also has peering links to data centres operated by other major players in the market, including the only other open access provider in the country, Teraco’s NAPAfrica. Customers can also connect to INX-ZA’s[2] Johannesburg Internet Exchange at the Johannesburg South Africa Data Centre facility, or the Cape Town Internet Exchange point at Liquid Telecom’s facility in Cape Town.

Between the Johannesburg and Cape Town facilities, Africa Data Centres has over 100 customers – including global, regional, and local telecoms operators, Internet service providers, cloud service providers, and large enterprises.

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