iPhone SE 2 Release Date & Specification Rumours

Another day, another iPhone SE 2 rumour, except this time it’s focused on the idea Apple doesn’t have the resources to make an iPhone SE 2 right now. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests[1] Apple is spreading its resources too thinly, and delays on the iPhone X are proof of this. Kuo thinks Apple would do all it can “to avoid repeating the mistake of a shipment delay for the three new models”, but in our minds poor availability and increased hype do tend to go hand in hand.

We think Apple is considering an iPhone SE update in March 2018, though it may not be the small and cheap iPhone consumers had in mind. Since the iPhone 7’s launch in 2016 the iPhone SE[2] (which launched on 31 March 2016) has been the only 4in iPhone you can buy new direct from Apple.

It’s also the cheapest iPhone you can buy from Apple. A new iPhone SE 2 that is potentially a cross with the iPhone X could change all that. Rumours surrounding the iPhone SE 2 are tricky because there is some confusion between the rumoured update to the iPhone SE and that to the iPhone X.

While some analysts say there will be three new iPhones in 2018 (upgrades to the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and a new device that is a cross between iPhone X and iPhone SE), others say there will be four new iPhones in 2018 (upgrades to iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone X and iPhone SE).

On the theory that there will be only three new iPhones, we’re hearing talk that the new iPhone SE 2 will feature an iPhone X-like design, though this means it could also see a size increase.

Kuo of KGI Securities says[3] the iPhone X SE will feature Face ID and the famous ‘notch’ screen design, but its panel will be a 6.1in LCD rather than OLED panel. Apple is also expected to cut down costs by dropping 3D Touch, swapping in a single-lens rear camera, and using an aluminium frame.

Meanwhile, on the theory that there will be four new iPhones, the hardware specification tipped by Tekz24[4] is much more likely for an iPhone SE 2. It says the hardware will be similar to that of the iPhone 7, which means we could see an A10 chip, 2GB of RAM, 32GB/128GB of storage, plus 12Mp/5Mp cameras and a 1,700mAh battery.

A rumour suggests that battery will be able to charge wirelessly thanks to Qi tech and a rear glass panel, which has been backed up by Digitimes[6] Research senior analyst Luke Lin who claims the iPhone SE 2 will feature wireless charging but not 3D sensing.[5]

Wistron, an India-based company that manufactures the original SE, is said to be onboard again for the SE 2. The firm is allegedly growing its production base in Bangalore in preparation.

When is the iPhone SE 2 release date?

Sources have previously suggested that there will be no iPhone SE 2, especially after Apple upgraded the storage on its original SE in 2017. But a report from Tekz24 suggests a new model is in the works after all, while Economic Daily News[7] suggests it will be here in early 2018.

The iPhone SE 2 is expected to launch at Apple’s Spring Event, during the first quarter of 2018.

We’d expect to see this take place in March.

However, Digitimes analyst Luke Lin says mass production will begin in the second quarter, with the iPhone SE 2 launching in May or June.

How much will the iPhone SE 2 cost?

Kuo says the iPhone X SE will be sold between £649 and £749, which may translate to GBP649 to GBP749 in the UK.

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