How to watch F1 races on TV and online in 2018

Lewis Hamilton will be looking to defend his world champion title in 2018. The bad news for fans is that TV coverage is beginning to change now that US-based Liberty Media own F1. Plans are underway to create a subscription model which would allow fans to watch races on the official F1 website, much as other sports such as the World Rally Championship already do.

Free-to-air coverage seems to be winding down, disappearing almost entirely in Italy this year and no option to watch free in Spain. In the UK, it’s just been announced that Sky will show 11 of the races exclusively during the 2018 season, leaving just 10 for free-to-air channels. That also means that those exclusive races will only be available online to Sky subscribers with the appropriate Sky Sports package, and access to a mobile device for the Sky Go app.

You can find out more on Sky’s website.[1]

Note that from 2019, Sky will be showing all races exclusively. It’s unclear whether UK fans will be able to subscribe to the forthcoming official F1 online portal because this may conflict with Sky’s exclusive deal.

Which F1 races will be on Channel 4 in 2018?

Here’s the schedule for UK TV, so you can see which ones you’ll be able to watch on free-to-air TV and online.

Note that the French Grand Prix is being held at the Paul Ricard circuit in 2018 after an absence of around 30 years from the calendar. Unfortunately this won’t be on Channel 4.

Australian Grand Prix 23-25 March Sky
Bahrain Grand Prix 6-8 April Sky & Channel 4
Chinese Grand Prix 13-15 April Sky
Azerbaijan Grand Prix 27-29 April Sky & Channel 4
Spanish Grand Prix 11-13 May Sky
Monaco Grand Prix 25-27 May Sky & Channel 4
Canadian Grand Prix 8-10 June Sky
French Grand Prix 22-24 June Sky
Austrian Grand Prix 29 June – 1 July Sky & Channel 4
British Grand Prix 6-8 July Sky & Channel 4
German Grand Prix 20-22 July Sky
Hungarian Grand Prix 27-29 July Sky
Belgian Grand Prix 24-26 August Sky & Channel 4
Italian Grand Prix 31 August – 2 September Sky
Singapore Grand Prix 14-16 September Sky & Channel 4
Russian Grand Prix 28-30 September Sky
Japanese Grand Prix 5-7 October Sky & Channel 4
United States Grand Prix 19-21 October Sky & Channel 4
Mexican Grand Prix 26-28 October Sky
Brazilian Grand Prix 9-11 November Sky
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 23-25 November Sky & Channel 4

If you’re not in the UK when a particular race is shown, you can still watch it on the All 4 app if you use a VPN with a UK server, such as Hidden24.

See also: Best free VPN services.[2]

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If you prefer not to use the All 4 app, you can try TVCatchup. This lets you watch live free-to-air UK television on your computer, phone, tablet or games console. Versions of the site optimised for iPad[3] and iPhone[4] are available at[5] and[6], and there’s also a TVCatchup app available in the iTunes Store[7] and Google Play Store[8].

Head to[9] and go to the TV Guide.

Choose the correct channel for the particular session (either quali or the race) you want to watch live online.

You can also change the stream quality, which is useful if you don’t have a particularly fast broadband connection.

You’ll have to watch an advert to start with, but then it will stream the channel.

If you’re using a desktop browser you can use TVCatchup’s new Desktop Player[10] to watch and record live TV.


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