Google Chrome can permanently mute websites

A new version of Google’s Chrome web browser – Chrome 64 – is releasing this week, and will let you permanently mute websites, The Verge reported[1]. The browser will also introduce support for high dynamic range content on Windows. To use Chrome’s HDR capabilities, you will need a Windows PC with the Fall Creators Update installed and an HDR-compatible monitor and graphics card.

Chrome 64[2] also includes 53 security fixes, including additional mitigations against speculative side-channel attack techniques. Google Chrome can permanently mute websites

Muting “reminder ads”

Google has also introduced a feature to its advert settings that lets users mute reminder ads in apps and on websites that use Google’s ad platform. Reminder ads are advertisements for a product that you browsed for in the past.

“We plan to expand this tool to control ads on YouTube, Search, and Gmail in the coming months,” said Google[3].

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