Fight over top SABC jobs continues

The Minister of Communications and the SABC continue to fight over executive appointments at the broadcaster. It was reported earlier this week that Chris Maroleng[1] would take over as Chief Operating Officer at the SABC. The SABC and Maroleng declined to comment on the appointment, but failed to deny its accuracy.

In the hours that followed, however, the Minister of Communications “clarified processes of appointment of SABC executives” via a public statement[2]. Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane said all appointments of the COO, CEO, and CFO of state-owned entities are done through Cabinet processes. “It is the Minister’s responsibility to present any appointment of executives of the SOEs under the Department of Communications through Cabinet processes.”

Kubayi-Ngubane said the department therefore had no knowledge of Maroleng’s appointment.


According to a report by the City Press, the fight over the appointment is continuing, The report stated that the SABC’s board was awarded a court order last year which gave it the power to appoint executives at the company. The court order overturned former minister Faith Muthambi’s decision to “arrogate to herself the power to appoint these executives”.

“The standoff has been brought to a head by Kubayi-Ngubane’s refusal to accept the appointment of Maroleng to the COO position,” stated the report. Part of the process under scrutiny by the department is the State Security Agency’s vetting of Maroleng. This is not complete as yet, stated the report.

Another factor, according to the report, is that individuals who are opposed to the ANC are making their way into the SABC, and key appointments required oversight from the ruling party.

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