Cheapest broadband deal right now: Sky Unlimited £18 p/m with £50 cashback

Cheapest broadband deal right now: Sky Unlimited £18 p/m with £50 cashback

Fancy broadband for less than GBP200 a year? We are not joking. Sky is topping the tables when it comes to broadband prices.

The provider is offering the cheapest broadband deal right now. Customers signing up to Sky Unlimited Broadband pay just GBP18 a month for a 12-month contract. This gets you unlimited downloads and speeds of up to 17Mbps, or typically an average of 11Mbps.

The price includes line rental and SkyTalk but there is a GBP9.95 set up fee. It gets even better when you throw in a GBP50 prepaid MasterCard that you need to activate within 90 days of your broadband getting activated. That takes the overall cost, factoring in the monthly fee and setup charge, from GBP225.95 a year down to just GBP175.95.

This is the cheapest deal currently on the market when you factor in the prepaid card but it will increase to GBP28.99 a month at the end of the term. Sky even has its own ‘Switch Squad’[1] that will manage the move from your old provider, so no awkward phone calls needed. If free money doesn’t appeal to you, Direct Save Telecom offers the same speeds and downloads with no setup costs on its Unlimited Broadband for 12 months for 5p cheaper at GBP17.95.

This would cost GBP215.40 over the year.

Sky Fibre from GBP22 a month

The only issue you may run into is the broadband speeds. These are by no means the fastest and it could get frustrating if you are frequently using downloads or streaming services. If you want faster broadband you will need to be prepared to pay more.

Sky itself has an ongoing offer for up to 38Mbps with Sky Fibre over 18 months. You get average speeds of 34Mbps and a monthly allowance of 25GB. The monthly cost is GBP22 but there is also a GBP59.95 set up fee, although this charge is almost offset by the GBP50 prepaid MasterCard.

Overall this deal would cost GBP405.95 over 18 months. There are a couple of decent speedy alternatives on offer, but you would need to act fast. Vodafone has a deal on its Unlimited Fibre 76 expiring today.

It offers up to 76Mbps with unlimited downloads for 18 months at GBP24 a month with no set up costs. This would mean paying GBP432 over the term of the deal. That is less than Sky Fibre for more bandwidth.

BT is also offering speeds of up to 76Mbps on its Unlimited Infinity Fibre package for 18 months plus six months free BT Sport in its January sale. This costs GBP39.99 a month with a GBP9.99 setup cost. This would usually cost GBP729.81 over the 18 months but also comes with a GBP150 BT reward card so you technically pay GBP579.81.

Alternatively, Virgin Media offers speeds of up to 200Mbps and unlimited downloads for 12 months for GBP37 a month plus a GBP20 setup cost. That will cost you GBP464 over a year.

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