Arabsat Broadband Services launches Arabsat for EMEA

Arabsat Broadband Services has launched Arabsat Expand, a satellite broadband service powered by Forsway’s unique Hybrid Router technology. The service was designed and implemented by satellite services specialist SatConsultant for Arabsat Broadband Services. The deal will see Forsway’s innovative hybrid router, ODIN, at a total kit cost of around USD100 per station, enabling the satellite operator to launch affordable new broadband internet services from USD 5 per month, helping bridge the digital divide to new customers in remote rural communities, as well as providing new, more reliable, and lower-tariff services to urban users.

Arabsat Broadband Services will deliver Arabsat Expand through previously unused bandwidth aboard its satellites. The launch will increase capacity, improving customer experience with a faster internet download speed, at reduced costs. ODIN allows any type of narrow-band return channel to be linked to the high-throughput KU/KA-Band satellite bandwidth on Arabsat’s BADR-7 satellite in remote locations across almost the whole of the Middle East and Africa.

The Forsway solution is a unique fit for the problems of satellite broadband, especially in urban areas.

Up to 10 Gigabit of Internet connectivity will then be routed through Arabsat’s BADR-7 satellite to support the new services from these locations.

Both KA and KU bands can be deployed for this service, making use of the satellite’s full KA/KU footprint over the whole of the MEA region, as well as parts of Southern Europe and Central Asia.

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