You will soon be able to opt out of insurance SMS spam for free

The Financial Services Board (FSB) has passed new rules which allow users to opt out of insurance marketing SMSs at no cost. An industry source told MyBroadband the FSB will implement the changes to its Policy Protection Rules (PPRs) this month, and they will be made effective from 1 January 2018. According to the revised draft of the PPRs, recipients of insurance spam via call, SMS, or voice messages must be able to opt out of future direct marketing from the company in question.

The rules specify that an insurer may not charge the user any fee for “opt-out of advertising” requests.

Opting out

Once the new PPRs are made effective, users who receive spam from insurance companies will be afforded the opportunity to opt out of further communication at no cost. According to the revised PPRs, “an insurer or any person acting on its behalf may not charge a policyholder a fee or allow a service provider to charge a policyholder any fee for making a demand in terms of 10.10.1”. Section 10.10.1 of the revised PPRs rules that insurers must offer policyholders the opportunity to opt out of further communication after engaging in direct advertising.

This applies to all direct electronic communication, and includes the traditional “STOP” SMS to opt out.

The new rules will reportedly be gazetted later this month, after which they will be published on the FSB website.

MyBroadband contacted the FSB for comment, but the authority stated it will only be able to comment on the matter next week.

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