Windows 10 coming to Qualcomm’s Always Connected PC

Qualcomm announced its Always Connected personal computer concept earlier this year, promising to bring the best parts of smartphone technology to PCs. This new category of computers will offer “beyond all-day” battery life, and promise to be always and always connected. Standby time will be four or five times greater than current laptop computers.

With integrated cellular and Wi-Fi radios, the devices are built to offer gigabit connectivity anywhere there is coverage. These new PCs will be able to run Windows 10, and the executive vice-president of Microsoft Windows and devices, Terry Myerson, painted a picture of what the experience will look like. Speaking at the Qualcomm Technology summit in Wailea, Maui, Myerson said that he had the opportunity to use a pre-releases Always Connected PC.

For a week he was able to work on the machine, using applications like Excel and Outlook. Then, while catching a flight, he was able to play games. “I didn’t plug in once that entire week,” Myerson said.

“Not carrying on a power cord is just liberating.”

Jan Vermeulen is a guest of Qualcomm at its event in Wailea, Maui.

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