UK ISP Uno Discounts FTTC Fibre Pro Superfast Broadband Packages

Internet provider uno (uno Comms Ltd) has reduced the monthly price of their ‘up to’ 76Mbps FTTCFibre Pro” unmetered broadband packages and removed the activation or migration fees for any orders made before the end of January 2018.[1][2] New customers would normally be charged a one-off fee of GBP64.8 inc. VAT for FTTC[3] (VDSL2) activation or GBP13.20 inc.

VAT for a migration but both are now free. Similarly the monthly price of their ‘up to’ 38Mbps (9.5MBps upload) “Fibre Pro” and ‘up to’ 76Mbps (19.5Mbps upload) “Fibre+ Pro” broadband service has been reduce to GBP26.39 inc. VAT and GBP31.19 inc.

VAT per month respectively on a 12 month contract.

Take note that the above price excludes the cost of phone line rental, although this can be added for an extra GBP11.99 per month with a GBP10.80 one-off transfer charge from your current provider.

The Fibre Pro packages typically come with a Static IP address and 250MB of shared email and webspace, as well as the usual 12 month contract term and unmetered usage.

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