The world’s average fixed broadband speed – 40Mbps

Ookla has released its Speedtest Global Index[1], which reveals that the average global fixed broadband speed in 40.11Mbps. The Speedtest Global Index also reveals that the average global mobile broadband speed is 20.28Mbps. The index uses data from Ookla’s Speedtest platform from November 2016 to November 2017.

It showed the global average fixed broadband download speed increased 31.6% year-on-year, while the average upload speed increased 25.9%.

The global mobile broadband download speed increased 30.1%, while the average mobile upload speed increased by 38.9%.

Global Average Internet Speeds
Broadband Connection Download Speed Upload Speed
Mobile 20.28Mbps 8.65Mbps
Fixed 40.11Mbps 19.96Mbps

Top Broadband Countries

The index showed that Singapore had the highest average fixed broadband speed at 154Mbps, followed by Iceland (148Mbps) and Hong Kong (134Mbps).

The top average mobile broadband speed was achieved by Norway at 63Mbps, followed by the Netherlands (53Mbps) and Iceland (51Mbps).

Global Fixed Broadband Speeds
Rank Country Speed
1 Singapore 153.85 Mbps
2 Iceland 147.51 Mbps
3 Hong Kong 133.94 Mbps
4 South Korea 127.45 Mbps
5 Romania 104.46 Mbps
Global Mobile Broadband Speeds
Rank Country Speed
1 Norway 62.66 Mbps
2 Netherlands 53.01 Mbps
3 Iceland 51.50 Mbps
4 Singapore 50.46 Mbps
5 Malta 49.43 Mbps

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