The top 10 free games on Steam

PC gaming has a vast selection of free online games, many of which are available through Steam. The top games are immensely popular due to their accessibility, and many have online multiplayer features which add to replayability. While it may have lost out to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in overall player count, Dota 2 still reigns supreme as the top free-to-play title.

Warframe and Team Fortress 2 also rank highly, with other titles trailing behind in terms of player count. The 10 most popular free games on Steam as of December 2017, ranked according to popularity on the Steam Store, are listed below.

Dota 2

Review Score – 87%

Team Fortress 2

Review Score – 93%


Review Score – 91%


Review Score – 86%


Review Score – 87%


Review Score – 91%

War Thunder

Review Score – 82%

Clicker Heroes

Review Score – 90%

World of Tanks Blitz

Review Score – 72%

Path of Exile

Review Score – 92%

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