The cheapest 4K TVs you can buy in South Africa

4K TVs are quickly gaining market share and are set to become the new standard[1] in the coming years.

4K TVs offer superior resolution over 1080p displays, in addition to a wider colour gamut and support for HDR.

The price of displays has also been steadily decreasing since their launch, and an increasing number of consumers now have the ability to buy an entry-level UHD TV.

We’ve listed several of the cheapest LED UHD TVs you can buy in South Africa, below.

Hisense 43-inch UHD – R5,293[2]

Sinotec 40-inch UHD – R5,699[3]

LG 43-inch UHD – R6,379[4]

Sinotec 55-inch UHD – R6,679[5]

Hisense 50-inch UHD – R6,699[6]

Samsung 43-inch UHD – R6,799[7]

Telefunken 50-inch UHD – R6,899[8]

Skyworth 49-inch UHD – R7,511[9]

LG 49-inch UHD – R7,511[10]

Now read: 4K TVs are taking over the world[11]


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