The best fibre broadband deals in the 2018 January sales

January. It’s a time to feel guilty about how much you ate over Christmas, to feel guilty about how much you spent over Christmas and to feel bad about the gym membership you’ve just taken out and know you won’t use. If you like saving money and having good broadband – and let’s face it, who doesn’t? – January is also a time to get yourself a great fibre broadband deal.

There are quite a few providers happy to not charge you a set up fee right now, at least one offering fibre broadband for less than bog-standard ADSL and others offering up to GBP125 cashback just for switching.

Fibre broadband from GBP20 a month with Vodafone

We’ll start with Vodafone, which fits into both of those first two categories. It’s offering fibre broadband, with speeds up to 38Mbps, for GBP20 a month if you go through, on an 18-month contract with no upfront fee. There are no calls included in this package so you’d have to either add on a calling plan or just pay for what you use.

The most ridiculous thing is that standard Vodafone broadband is actually more expensive at GBP25 a month, plus an upfront fee of GBP24 or GBP49 depending on whether you’re an existing customer or not. All of which makes this fibre deal a bit of a no-brainer. Vodafone has also reduced the price of its top fibre broadband package, which gives you speeds up to 76Mbps.

It is currently GBP24 a month on an 18-month contract and, again, there’s no upfront fee. There’s no bells and whistles with these deals from Vodafone, no cashback or freebies, but these prices are the cheapest in the UK for fibre broadband and match Vodafone’s excellent Black Friday offers from a month or so ago.

Fibre broadband and up to GBP125 cashback from BT

There’s also a pretty good fibre deal on the table from BT right now and how it stacks up against Vodafone depends on what is most important to you. BT Unlimited Infinity 1 is currently GBP29.99 a month, quite a bit more than Vodafone, and there is unfortunately a hefty GBP59.99 upfront fee to pay.

But this deal does promise faster broadband speeds – up to 52Mbps – and there’s the small matter of a GBP125 BT reward card that you’ll be able to claim once your broadband is up and running. This BT fibre broadband deal also includes unlimited calls to UK landlines at weekends as well as 0845 and 0870 numbers. Unlimited Infinity 1 comes on an 18-month contract and if you want to get the GBP125 cashback you’ve got until 4 January to order.

There’s a couple of providers offering cheap fibre broadband with no set-up fee and will also let you fix the price of your package, guaranteeing you won’t be hit by any mid-contract price hikes. Until 11 January, TalkTalk is offering broadband speeds up to 38Mbps for GBP25 a month and the crucial thing is that price is fixed for the length of the 18-month contract.

A fixed price for three years with SSE

If you get your gas and electricity from SSE, you may also want to consider switching your broadband to the provider as it’s currently offering a pretty competitive price exclusively to its energy customers. Unlimited fibre broadband, offering speeds up to 38Mbps is GBP24 a month for SSE energy customers.

That’s cheaper than any provider other than Vodafone and there’s a couple of other thing we like about this deal. The price you sign up to is fixed for three years, meaning no nasty surprises. And there is no fixed term contract, so if you do manage to find a better deal you’ll be able to switch straight away.

We reckon EE is also worth a mention as it is offering fibre broadband for what it says is its lowest ever monthly price. That price is GBP25 a month plus a GBP35 set-up fee and you’ll get speeds up to 38Mbps for 18 months. This deal is particularly good if you’re an EE mobile customer as you’ll get a free 5GB data boost worth GBP12.99 to add on to your mobile plan.

EE is also offering to give you GBP50 if your current provider charges you to cancel your contract.

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