New full fibre packages from Zen Internet increase consumer choice

We have added the latest Full Fibre 3 and Full Fibre 4 packages from Zen Internet to our package listings for Zen Internet[1] and with the integration of our coverage database into the package searches this means when people search for a package on thinkbroadband[2] these will appear as options. Residential customers have had access to up to 38 Mbps and up to 76 Mbps services over the Openreach GEA-FTTP network from Zen Internet for some time, but the two new packages are as follows:

  • Full Fibre 3, up to 150 Mbps downloads and up to 30 Mbps uploads. Broadband only price of GBP50 per month, or broadband with voice line rental is GBP52 per month.
  • Full Fibre 4 up to 300 Mbps downloads and up to 50 Mbps upload.

    Broadband only price of GBP75 per month or broadband with voice line rental is GBP76.99 per month.

All the Zen Internet full fibre residential packages have an activation fee of GBP55 and come with a router and static IPv4 address. The slower up to 38 Mbps and up to 76 Mbps packages are still around and there are 12 month introductory price offers on these e.g. Unlimited Full Fibre 1 (broadband only) is GBP35 per month for 12 months then GBP42 per month, Unlimited Full Fibre 2 (broadband only) is GBP42 per month for 12 months then GBP45 per month.

The pricing may be a little higher than the welcome offers BT Infinity services carry but you do have the advantage of a static IP address and after the minimum term Zen Internet is likely to be cheaper unless you can keep chasing a deal with BT Consumer.

Our package searches are one of the few that actually filter and highlight various full fibre options, including Gigaclear and Hyperoptic, even those signed up to the Ofcom Accreditation scheme do not offer this and they all seem to try and sell people TalkTalk and Sky Fibre services in areas where Openreach FTTP is the only superfast option and as yet neither of those providers are selling that service.

Sites who want to filter packages are free to contact us to discuss commercial access to our availability database.


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