How to set up Android Wear

Google’s Android Wear[1] is one of the most popular operating systems for wearables and can be found on many of the best smartwatches[2] you can buy. If you’ve just got your hands on one then here’s how to set up and use an Android Wear smartwatch. The setup process for Android Wear is fairly simple and straightforward but we’re here to help if you’re struggling at all.

Below we’ve listed what you need to do on the watch and your phone to get going and you can watch the video above to see the whole process along with the basics of using Android Wear[3].

Set up Android Wear – on your smartwatch

o Unbox your Android Wear smartwatch
o Chare it up with the supplied charger
o Switch it on

Set up Android Wear – on your smartphone

o Download and install the Android Wear app
o Switch Bluetooth on
o Open the app

Set up Android Wear – how to pair

o Select the language on the smartwatch
o Select the watch via the Android Wear app
o Check the codes match and confirm on both devices
o Switch on notification access for Android Wear on smartphone when prompted
o Follow tutorial on smartwatch

When the two are paired, you’ll see ‘Connected’ on the Android Wear app on your phone.

When they’re not paired, you’ll see Disconnected on your watch’s screen with an icon showing a cloud with a line through it.

Set up Android Wear – connect multiple watches

If you want to, you can connect multiple Android Wear watches to the same phone.

Simply open the Android Wear app on your phone and select ‘Add new watch’ which is in the drop down menu next to the connected watch’s name.

Note that you can’t pair a watch with more than one phone or tablet.


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