How to Resolve Issues with Your Broadband Provider

Friday, 15 December 2017, 10:34 am
Press Release: Commerce Commission[1]

Commission Releases Tips to Help Resolve Issues with Your Broadband Provider
The Commerce Commission has released the final quick guide in its “Beginners guide to broadband” series – this time with tips on how to resolve issues with your broadband provider. “While there is a range of avenues available to consumers to help resolve issues with broadband providers, we know consumers aren’t always aware of them,” Telecommunications Commissioner Dr Stephen Gale said.

“Your first port of call should be to talk to your provider, as they are required to resolve issues within their control in a reasonable timeframe. However, if you have no success with your provider there are several dispute resolution services ready to assist.” o The Telecommunications Dispute Resolution[2] (TDR) service is free and can help with most telecommunications disputes, including broadband and billing issues.

The majority of telecommunications providers are members of the TDR service o Utilities[3] Disputes[4] is free and can assist with disputes over access to shared property for broadband connections o The Disputes Tribunal[5] provides a low cost, independent and informal adjudication process which can resolve disputes about broadband services.

“We also encourage consumers to know their rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act[6] and how to exercise them,” Dr Gale said. “While the Commerce Commission is not a dispute resolution service, we are interested in information or activities that might be misleading consumers.” Consumers can report a business to the Commission by emailing[7], calling 0800 943 600 or by filling out a complaint form[8].

The quick guides can be found on our website[9].
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