How to get free NowTV

NowTV is a streaming service right up there with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, except in addition to movies and TV boxsets it offers several live Sky TV channels. In the run-up to Christmas no other streaming service can rival NowTV on its selection of festive films, and it also carries more Disney titles than any other. (Also see: How to get free Netflix[1] & How to get free Amazon Prime Video[2].) Unlike Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, however, NowTV comes in four distinct packages with differing pricing: Sky Cinema, Sky Entertainment, Sky Kids and Sky Sports.

If you want movies you need Sky Cinema, priced at GBP9.99 per month; if you want TV boxsets and all the latest big US shows such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead you want Sky Entertainment, priced at GBP6.99 per month; Sky Kids and Sky Sports are fairly self-explanatory, with Kids costing GBP2.99 per month and Sports day-, week- and month passes costing GBP6.99, GBP10.99 and GBP33.99 respectively. The good news is the first three of those packages come with free 14-day trials, so you can sign up now, watch what you want, then cancel your subscription and never pay a penny.

Sign up here for a free NowTV Cinema Pass trial.[3]

Sign up here for a free NowTV Entertainment Pass trial.[4]

Sign up here for a free NowTV KIds Pass trial.[5]

There are other ways you can net yourself free NowTV streaming, too. For example, Vodafone offers a free 24-month NowTV Entertainment Pass[6] with all its Pay Monthly Red Entertainment plans.

If you buy a NowTV Box you can also get extended free trials. Argos offers the NowTV Box with a one-month Sky Sports Pass[7] for GBP24.99, with a three-month Sky Cinema Pass[8] for GBP39.99, with a three-month Sky Kids Pass[9] for GBP19.99, or a two-month Sky Entertainment Pass[10] for GBP19.99. The NowTV Box [11]on its own costs GBP14.99, so these deals represent some great savings.

Once you’ve tried NowTV, why not try a month’s free Amazon Prime Video[12], or a month’s free Netflix trial[13] for even more free films.

It makes sense to try all three before you make an eventual decision on which you decide to stick with (if any).

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