How to get £145 cashback and cheaper broadband deals this winter

Broadband providers in the UK have launched Christmas deals to entice customers to switch their packages. BT, Virgin and Plusnet have all released broadband packages this winter with up to GBP145 cash available as incentives to change providers. Thanks to new regulations from Ofcom introduced this year it is now easier for those nearing the end of their contract to switch, as customers no longer need a ‘migration code’ from their current provider.

Instead, the responsibility for switching falls to the new provider, according to switching service uSwitch.[1] To celebrate the launch of the deals we have rounded up the best broadband packages you can get now.

BT Broadband

BT Broadband have some packages which will go down a treat for bargain hunters this year. The award winning broadband service has numerous great deals throughout their services- where customers can earn up to GBP145 cashback.

With packages including calls, BT TV, Broadband and sim only 6GB-12GB.

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The top 3 deals featured on Topcashback (cashback website), are as follows: BT Broadband + Calls + BT TV + SIM only 6GB-12GB with GBP145 cashback[2] BT Broadband + Calls + BT TV + SIM only 2GB-5GB with GBP130 cashback[3]

BT Broadband + Calls + BT TV + SIM Only 500mb plans GBP110 cashback[4] (also check for rewards in the rewards/voucher codes section) The BT Broadband website also features the GBP125 reward when joining- and this can be on top of the cashback amounts up until December 14. To see more of what is on offer see for full T&C’s here[5] on the Topcashback website.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media has a deal[6] for 100mb broadband, TV and phone for just GBP30 per month for 12 months.

The deal costs GBP20 to activate bringing the full total to GBP380 for the year. After 12 months the deal jumps to GBP48 a month but the contract can be cancelled after a year. The deal includes a Virgin phone line, free to air TV channels and players and a 500gb TIVo box.

It is also possible to link your Netflix subscription to your TV.

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PlustNet is offering unlimited broadband for GBP19.99 a month on a 12 month contract. The deal also has a GBP10 activation fee. The deal includes an estimated download speed of 17mb and includes line rental.

Unlimited fibre packages with estimated download speeds of 38mb cost GBP24.99 per month for a 12 month contract and comes with a GBP25 activation fee.


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