Digi CZ offers broadband services over CETIN's network

Czech company Digi CZ, a provider of satellite TV and IPTV services and which runs the MVNO Lama Mobile, is introducing a new level of broadband services. Over the network of the company Czech Telecommunications Infrastructure (CETIN), Digi CZ will provide broadband services in four options. With the internet services, depending on the selected option, it will provide a discount on TV services of CZK 149 a month or will give away the basic TV package Start for free.

Although Digi CZ provides internet connections already, thanks to CETIN, it can now offer broadband services on the biggest fixed infrastructure in the country, with fibre-optics covering 85 percent of households, allowing service at up to 250 Mbps. Customers can choose from the options Internet 20, Internet 50, Internet 100 and in selected locations, Internet 250. Internet 20 offers the download/upload speeds of 20/2 Mbps and costs CZK 499 a month, and the package Start is offered for CZK 49 a month.

With any dearer internet service option, the basic TV package Start is free. It supplies 23 channels, of which eighteen are in HD. The option Internet 50 offers speeds of 50/5 Mbps and costs CZK 549 a month.

Internet 100 offers speeds 100/10 Mbps and costs CZK 649 a month. The highest option Internet 250 offers speeds 250/25 Mbps and costs CZK 699 a month. When customers order a TV package other than the basic one with the internet service, they will get a discount of CZK 149.

This way they can get satellite TV packages for the following prices: Basic – CZK 150; Maxi – CZK 650; and Sport Plus – CZK 200.

The packages in the IPTV version cost CZK, 200, CZK 700 and CZK 200 respectively.

The prices apply with a 24-month commitment.

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