Biggest South African bandwidth hogs in 2017

South Africa’s major ISPs have revealed their biggest data users in 2017 to MyBroadband, showing that many subscribers exceed 10TB per month. In recent years, many broadband users have migrated from DSL to fibre-to-the-home, with peak downlink speeds of up to 1Gbps. Upload speeds have also increased significantly with symmetrical fibre services, which means it is possible to consume much more data than before.

Apart from faster connection speeds, more bandwidth-intensive content like 4K video is driving increased data usage.

The biggest user on Afrihost’s network, for example, used 58.9TB on his 40Mbps Business DSL account in 2017.

The table below provides an overview of the biggest “bandwidth hogs” in South Africa in 2017, based on peak monthly usage.

Biggest Data Users in South Africa
ISP Connection Monthly Data Usage
Cool Ideas 100/50Mbps on Maboneng Fibre 21.2TB
Cool Ideas 100/50Mbps on Openserve 18.2TB
Cool Ideas 100/100Mbps on Vumatel 17.6TB
Cool Ideas 100/50Mbps on Mitsol 15.5TB
Axxess 1000/100Mbps on Vumatel 15.3TB
Cool Ideas 100/50Mbps on Openserve 14.7TB
Cool Ideas 100/50Mbps on Openserve 14.1TB
Cool Ideas 100/50Mbps on Metrofibre Networx 13.5TB
Cool Ideas 100/50Mbps on Openserve 11.9TB
Cool Ideas 100/50Mbps on Openserve 11.5TB
Afrihost 100Mbps Priority Uncapped Fibre 10.7TB
Axxess 100/50Mbps on Openserve 10.4TB

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