You will now pay extra if you keep your Uber driver waiting

Uber has launched Paid Wait Time in South Africa, which will see riders pay an extra per-minute fee if they make their driver wait more than five minutes at their pick-up location. “Long wait times can be stressful for driver-partners. By the time they arrive at the pick-up location, the driver has already invested fuel, time, and effort in getting to a rider,” said Uber.

Arrival times are now just a few minutes, and riders need only request a ride when it’s time to leave, said Uber.

“The Paid Wait Time feature is a simple addition that riders will be able to quickly adapt to, but importantly, it makes a big difference to driver-partners’ efficiency.”

The addition of Paid Wait Time follows the launch of several new features[1] for local Uber drivers, including Arrival Time, Long Trip Notification, and Rating Protection.

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