Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 review

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 review

Despite being introduced as a concept phone, Xiaomi’s Mi Mix[1] was arguably the most interesting smartphone we saw in 2016. It was the phone that inspired Samsung, LG and Apple to feature 18:9 full-screen displays in their latest flagships, and it garnered so much attention in the consumer tech industry that today I have no fewer than six Chinese copycat phones sitting on my desk waiting to be reviewed, all with the product name ‘Mix’. Producing a successor to that revolutionary handset was always going to be a tough job for Xiaomi, but in the Mi Mix 2 it has returned a gorgeous flagship that is more manageable in the hand and significantly faster.

It also features the same primary camera as the company’s Mi6[2], which is a good thing.

Earlier today (7 November), Xiaomi held a launch event in Madrid, Spain in which it said both the Mi A1 and the [3]Mi Mix 2 would go on sale there later this month.

If you can buy from Spain (or within Europe) you will save yourself the hassle of customs fees and shipping from China.[4]


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