Xiaomi Mi A1 review

Xiaomi Mi A1 review

We’ve been singing Xiaomi’s praises for like forever*. The Chinese company makes really good-quality smartphones at crazy low prices, with hardware as good as those we find on the UK High Street. The catch: MIUI.

The custom operating system Xiaomi phones run is excellent, but a real departure from the standard Android we know and love. As is usually the case with things we don’t know or understand, we don’t appreciate MIUI’s finer points. Also see: Best mid-range phones[1]

Typically, depending on which model you buy and from where you buy it, MIUI comes without Google services; all the things you take for granted – seamless integration of contacts, calendar appointments, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive (which is also necessary for backing up WhatsApp by the way) and so on – are absent, and fiddly to install.


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