What you can buy for the price of an iPhone X in South Africa

Apple launched the iPhone X in South Africa yesterday. The 64GB and 256GB versions of the device are priced at R20,499 and R23,999 respectively, and are also available on contract. Like the Huawei Mate 10 Pro or Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the iPhone X is a flagship device with a flagship price tag.

You receive the most powerful iPhone ever made for R23,999, and its value can be measured by looking at products with a similar price tag.

Tech and general products you can buy for the same price as the iPhone X are listed below.

Ryzen 7 Gaming PC with GTX 1080 – R20,499[1]

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon – R22,948[2]

LG 65-inch 4K TV – R22,999[3]

Honda CB125 Motorcycle – R22,999[4]

HTC Vive + Oculus Rift – R22,977

Five-day Holiday in New York – R23,170[5]

18 Months of 100Mbps Uncapped Fibre – R23,346[6]

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