What we want on Black Friday 2017

A good plan to ensure you take advantage of Black Friday sales is to make a wish list. Going in with a list will let you find and buy items quicker, and stops you from purchasing goods you don’t need – which is likely in the frenzy of a sale. To help you get the foundation of your list started, we asked the MyBroadband team what they want on Black Friday.

MyBroadband’s tech wish list is detailed below, along with a motivation for each purchase.

Apple Watch

I’ve been looking to get a smartwatch which can show my yardage on the golf course.

I’m hoping for a good special on the Series 2.

Pet GPS tracker

I’ll be doing a few hikes with my dog in December and don’t want to lose her.

New Fitbit

My sister wants a Fitbit for Christmas, so I will look out for that online.

Noise-cancelling headphones

It is a must-have in an open-plan office environment.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon

I have an old laptop, which is particularly heavy and chunky.

It is time to get a ThinkPad X1.

GTX 1080 Ti

Graphics cards have been seriously overpriced and short-stocked, given this year’s cryptocurrency mining boom.

Samsung Galaxy S8+

The Galaxy S8+ is definitely looking like my next upgrade.


Keeping my mining rigs cool in summer is a must.

PlayStation 4 Pro

I need a 4K-capable console, even though my current PS4 collects more dust than I do game achievements.


Mesh Wi-Fi systems are the future.


A high-speed NVMe SSD will allow my gaming PC to boot up faster and will reduce load times.

G-Sync 144Hz monitor

While 60Hz monitors are great, my gameplay needs to be smoother.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH5 4K

This camera shoots 4K video with 4:2:2 10-bit Internal Recording, which means the footage is really impressive.

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