What Cell C’s network really looks like

Cell C’s mobile network boasts over 5,000 sites, with more than 50% of these sites offering LTE-A to subscribers. This is according to Bjorn Flormann, Chief Executive of Cell C’s Wholesale Business, who was speaking at the 2017 MyBroadband Conference. Flormann told delegates that Cell C has 95% 3G population coverage, and there is a strong focus on LTE in urban areas.

The operator also has over 6,000km of backhaul fibre, which serves its LTE and LTE-A sites to ensure great mobile data performance. Cell C carries around 10 petabytes of data and half a billion calls per month on its network, said Flormann.


Although Cell C has a 3G roaming agreement with Vodacom, this is only used in rural areas where it does not make financial sense for it to roll out a network. Cell C’s network carries nearly all the traffic from its subscribers, with roaming traffic only accounting for a small fraction, said Flormann.

Flormann added that Cell C now has over 16 million subscribers on its network. This is only the beginning, with Cell C continuing to invest billions in network infrastructure, he said. His statements come after Blue Label Telecoms co-CEO Brett Levy said Cell C will build South Africa’s best urban 4G network.

He said Cell C will not get into a network investment war with Vodacom and MTN, and rather focus on urban areas.

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