VIDEOS: Presenting the rest of the Global Broadband Futures conference

NBN Co’s Global Broadband Futures conference concluded yesterday with virtually every speaker telling a tale of mixed broadband technologies on the road to full fibre. Here’s the rest of the videos. The conference was all about how various countries and their governments all want fibre-to-the-home technologies, but how economic and technological reality has meant fibre-to-the-node and other technologies have complemented FttP rollouts.

Naturally, greenfield construction of new housing is an area where FttP is a natural fit, but getting FttP in brownfield, pre-existing areas has been very expensive. We saw images of streets in Eastern European countries, or in some Asian countries, were cables are strung above the streets in chaotic fashion, ensuring fast rollouts of fibre, but resulting in a terrible eyesore simply not acceptable in most first-world countries.

So, with FttP being an expensive proposition, even though it is seemingly the eventual goal of every telco and every government, it’s simply not a reality, with NBN Co clearly keen to illustrate that an MTM or multi-technology mix is a strategy that many global players have naturally gravitated towards, simply because one has to be wise with one’s money, and there are limits to how much is available at any one time.

Now, you can can see the introductory article[1] to the conference here. This was followed up with a video from NBN public affairs manager Tony Brown, followed by NBN Co chief executive Bill Morrow giving his presentation here[2].

Next up came a presentation from Deutsche Telekom chief technology officer Bruno Jacobfeuerborn talking about delivering the “best broadband”[3]. Following this was a presentation from Korea Telecom’s vice-president and Global Business Development manager, Byungki Oh, on its GiGA Wire technology presenting a low-interference alternative to technology in apartment blocks which is here[4]. Now come the rest of the videos of the event, including a solid Q&A panel discussion at the end of the event, where I asked those present to explain why there was no mention of Artemis[5] Networks’ technology, and why there was a seemingly wilful ignorance of the company and its technologies.

I did not get any satisfactory answers on that, you can hear the responses for yourself. That said the conference was an excellent wrap of the current state of global broadband delivery in the UK, South Korea, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere around the world. If you’re a passionate believer that Australia’s NBN should be run this way, or another way, then you’ll undoubtedly be fascinated to hear the real-world experiences of major countries and telcos so you can come to your own conclusions, anew.

NBN CO Conference: Netcomm Wireless CTO Steve Collins
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NBN CO Conference: Adtran Director, Strategic Planning and Regional CTO EMEA & APAC Ronan Kelly

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NBN CO Conference: Cox Communications executive director of Advanced Technology, Jeff Finkelstein
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NBN CO Conference: Cyient’s Kiran Solipuram and Daniel Fisher
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NBN CO Conference: Nokia’s Head of Fixed Networks Strategy Tomas-Sanjuan Flores

[embedded content]
NBN CO Conference: Openreach Chairman Mike McTighe
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NBN CO Conference: NBN chief strategy officer J.B. Rousselot
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NBN CO Conference: Chorus head of Networks Martin Sharrock
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NBN CO Conference: Beyond 2020, Future directions for fixed access tech

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