UK 'Not Bad' At 63rd In World's Cheapest Broadband League Tables

Think broadband in the UK is expensive? It costs almost £1,000 a month in Burkina Faso reveals global broadband pricing study that shows month costs from £5.37 to £954.54

In terms of the cheapest places in the world, Iran[1] sits at the number one spot with average broadband costing residents EUR4.58 per month, with Ukraine in second place (EUR4.69) and Russian Federation[2] in third at EUR8.42 per month. The monthly price weighs in at an eye-watering average of £954.54 per month, according to a study of global broadband prices published today. Iran sits at the top of the list, only charging £5.37 per month for users to access the world wide web, while customers in Burkina Faso[3] would have to pay a whopping £960.52.

Interestingly, six of the ten countries where broadband is the cheapest are parts of the former Soviet Union, where the internet had initially been slow to take off in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Within the same region, Angola, Gabon, Mali, Namibia, Niger, Somalia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe all charged more than £100 per month for broadband.

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The three cheapest countries in western Europe[5] are Italy (EUR24.53), Germany (EUR28.96) and Denmark[6] (EUR30.50). The UK comes up particularly favourably in comparison to Canada, where prices average £54.92, which is still the lowest price in north America, and the USA, where residents pay around £66.17 monthly. France was in fourth place, with average prices of £36.34 per month.

Panama is the most expensive, at £112.77 per month. We’re pretty sure even the most hardcore of millennials would pass on cat videos for that price. “With a healthy, open marketplace offering very cheap broadband deals to everyone and so-called “superfast” speeds[7] to nearly 96 per cent of homes, the United Kingdom is doing considerably better than the majority of countries around the world”.

Dan Howdle[8], consumer telecoms analyst at told The Irish Times[9]: “Our data demonstrates that when it comes to broadband, both the national marketplace and the infrastructure that underpins it are imperfect no matter where you live”.


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