The most popular browsers for desktop and mobile

Google Chrome remains the most popular Internet browser, according to data from NetMarketShare for October 2017. Chrome dominates the mobile and desktop market, with over 59% market share across both platforms. Safari is the main competitor to Chrome on mobile devices, with Firefox and Opera Mini falling far behind the duo.

The mobile numbers include data collected from smartphones and tablets.

Internet Explorer and Firefox compete for second place on desktop, with Internet Explorer at 15.09% and Firefox at 13.14%.

The most popular Internet browsers across mobile and desktop for October 2017 are listed below.

Desktop Browsers

Desktop Browser Share
Chrome 59.84%
Internet Explorer 15.09%
Firefox 13.14%
Edge 4.58%
Safari 4.40%
Opera 1.23%
Proprietary 0.11%
Android Browser 0.04%
Konqueror 0.01%
Mozilla 0.01%

Mobile Browsers

Mobile Browser Share
Chrome 59.04%
Safari 31.61%
Android Browser 4.45%
Opera Mini 2.44%
Firefox 0.69%
Opera 0.51%
Internet Explorer 0.48%
Edge 0.13%
Proprietary 0.05%
BlackBerry 0.01%

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