The best Game of Thrones merchandise and gifts 2017

Game of Thrones[1] is an undeniable TV (and literary, lest we forget) phenomenon, defying all the conventional wisdom about just how popular a grim ‘n’ gritty fantasy show could ever get. We’re heading towards the final season now, but the show is just as popular as ever, and with word that HBO is working on a number of potential spin-off shows we suspect that people are going to be obsessed with Westeros for years to come. That’s not even mentioning the fact that the final few books are still yet to be released – even if the TV show will have spoiled the end by then anyway.

So what should you get the ardent Thrones obsessive in your life (even if that just so happens to be yourself)? Beyond the obvious stuff like picking up the booksBlu-rays[3], we’ve rounded up our favourite Game of Thrones merchandise and gifts.

The World of Ice & Fire

Perfect for any Thrones fan who’s read all the books and seen the whole show, this official book was written primarily by original series author George RR Martin (with some help) and is best thought of as a fictional history of Westeros. It’s a massive collection of stories, folk tales, and historical recounts ranging from the world’s ancient past right up to the time of the main story, with all-new illustrations dotted throughout.

It’s not quite the next novel we’ve all been desperately waiting for, but right now it’s the next best thing.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

The best Game of Thrones merchandise and gifts 2017

Speaking of the novels, here’s another great option for fans of the original books – or for those who are tempted, but can’t quite face the prospect of working through thousands and thousands of pages. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms collects together Martin’s three Dunk and Egg novellas – set in the same world, a hundred years earlier – together with more than 160 illustrations. Essential reading for the Thrones completionist – and with those mooted spin-off shows in mind, worth reading now so you can show off in case this proves the basis for the next massive show.

It’s also worth looking at The Ice Dragon[4] – a much shorter book, ideal for younger readers, that’s about as close as we’ll get to a Game of Thrones fairytale.

Game of Thrones champagne flutes

The best Game of Thrones merchandise and gifts 2017

Watch the show’s final season with a touch of class courtesy of this set of four champagne flutes, each bearing the crest of a different Westerois house: Stark, Lannister, Mormont, and Targaryen. Poor Baratheons apparently didn’t get a look-in.

I Drink T-shirt

The best Game of Thrones merchandise and gifts 2017

While we’re on the topic of drinking, how about this T-shirt emblazoned with one of Tyrion’s most iconic quotes? Ideal for the drinker and knower in your life, it’s perfect for Thrones marathons, book signings, and particularly competitive pub quizzes.

Game of Thrones map

The best Game of Thrones merchandise and gifts 2017

Bring Westeros (and neighbouring Essos) right into your home courtesy of this official map poster, which illustrates the vast world of the books and show.

Measuring 24×36 inches, it’s big enough to make out some of the intricate detail – ideal for finally settling nerdy disputes over just how long it would really take to travel from King’s Landing to the Wall by dragon. Or just, y’know, looking at and stuff.

Three-Eyed Raven Plushie

The best Game of Thrones merchandise and gifts 2017

Not available in the US (sorry guys – at least you always get the show a few hours before us) this official plushie of the mystical Three-Eyed Raven from Bran’s visions/dreams is one of the cutest, cuddliest things to ever come from a show mostly famous for incest and violence. He even comes with posable legs, so you can set him up just how you want for the next time you have an unsettling vision/dream that leads you on a terrifying quest beyond the Wall.

The usual stuff.

Hodor mug

The best Game of Thrones merchandise and gifts 2017

Hodor. Hodor hodor hodor. Hodor.




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