Telstra lures high data using SMBs with new broadband offer

Telstra has launched an unlimited broadband data offer in a move which it says is designed to help alleviate the problems of data intensive activities by small businesses. The telco says for many SMBs businesses, backing-up data to the cloud, using high-definition video, running a Wi-Fi service or a multi-site network can often be data intensive activities.

Telstra is also pitching its unlimited broadband data as giving SMBs on L and XL Business Bundle plans the opportunity to take the use of technology in their business to the next level. And according to the telco, recent data shows that two in three businesses are considering at least one new ICT product in the next two years, “indicating strong demand for data and new ways of working”.

“At Telstra, we have seen six-fold growth in fixed line data over the last five years, and expect demand to remain strong as businesses continue to adopt technology and create new business models to gain a competitive advantage,” Telstra Executive Director, Small Business, Brendan Donohoe said.

“Cloud, business apps, and software-as-a-service are great examples of technologies proving their worth for SMBs, requiring less maintenance costs and providing access to best-in-class infrastructure, platforms and support.”

“By adding unlimited broadband data for customers on our L and XL business bundles, we’re now adding greater cost certainty to the growing list of benefits technology is providing Australian SMBs.

“Unlimited broadband data, together with the unlimited calls we already provide, gives SMBs more peace of mind, which means they can use technology in more ways to benefit their business and not have to worry about exceeding their limit.

“This gives Australian SMBs on these plans the opportunity to reinvent the way they do business – and smart investment in technology is integral to achieving that.”

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