Telkom international calling price changes

Telkom has amended certain international calling rates from fixed lines to fixed-line and mobile numbers. The new prices kicked in on 1 November. The company has also amended prices from Telkom fixed lines to international special numbers and premium rate services.

The updated tariffs are detailed below.

The full list of tariffs[1] is available on the Telkom website.

International numbers

All prices are per minute, off-peak and on-peak.

  • Mozambique – R0.50
  • Netherlands – R4.97
  • UK Fix 03 – R3.19
  • USA Fix High Cost NPA – R3.53
  • Zambia – R3.45

International Special and Premium numbers

The price is per minute, off-peak and on-peak.

  • UK Freephone – R0.60

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