Study of broadband pricing in 196 countries

Saturday, 25 November 2017, 11:49 am
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Study of broadband pricing in 196 countries revealsvast global disparities in the cost of getting online – UKranks 62nd cheapest oOver 3,351 broadband packages wererecorded and analysed by BDRC Continental[2] and[3]between 18 August and 12 October 2017
oIran offers theworld’s cheapest broadband, with an average monthly cost ofUSD 5.37. Burkina Faso is the most expensive, with anaverage package price of USD 954.54 per month
oSix ofthe ten countries where broadband is the cheapest wereformerly a part of the USSR (now collectively known as theCommonwealth of Independent States or CIS), including theRussian Federation itself
oSub-Saharan Africa faredworst overall with almost all the 31 countries measuredfound in the most expensive half of the table, with 16 inthe most expensive quarter
oThe full league table canbe accessed via Google Sheets[4].

We have alsobuilt an interactive map[5] which can be embeddedinto your web page
Tuesday 21 November 2017:Data from 3,351 individual broadband packages wasgathered by BDRC Continental[6] and compiled andanalysed by[7] during the eight-week periodup to 12 October 2017.
Iran offers the world’s cheapestbroadband, with an average cost of USD 5.37 per month.Burkina Faso is the most expensive, with an average packageprice of USD 954.54.
Six of the top ten cheapestcountries in the world are found in the former USSR(Commonwealth of Independent States or CIS), including theRussian Federation itself.
Within Western Europe, Italyis the cheapest, with an average package price of USD 28.89per month, followed by Germany (USD 34.07), Denmark (USD35.90) and France (USD 36.34). The UK came in 8th cheapestout of 28, with an average package price of USD 40.52 permonth.
In the Near East region, war-ravaged Syria came incheapest with an average monthly price of USD 12.15 permonth (and ranked fifth overall), with Saudi Arabia (USD84.03), Bahrain (USD 104.93), Oman (USD 147.87), Qatar (USD149.41) and the United Arab Emirates (USD 155.17) providingthe most expensive connectivity in the region. Iran is thecheapest in Asia (as well as cheapest globally) with anaverage package price of USD 5.37 per month, followed byNepal (USD 18.85) and Sri Lanka (USD 20.17) – all threeranked among the cheapest in the world.

The Maldives (USD86.08), Laos (USD 231.76) and Brunei (UD 267.33) provide themost expensive package price per month. Mexico is thecheapest country in Central America with an averagebroadband package cost per month of USD 26.64, whereasPanama is the most expensive with an average package priceof USD 112.77 per month.
In North America, Canada offersthe cheapest broadband on average (USD 54.92), coming in 21positions ahead of the United States globally (USD 66.17).Bermuda provides the most expensive packages in the regionwith an average price of USD 126.80 permonth.
Saint-Martin offers the cheapest broadband in theCaribbean, with an average package price of USD 20.72 permonth, with the British Virgin Islands (USD 146.05), Antiguaand Barbuda (USD 153.78), Cayman Islands (USD 175.27) andHaiti (224.19) at the most expensive end, both regionallyand globally.
Sub-Saharan Africa fared worst overall withalmost all countries in the most expensive half of thetable. Burkina Faso charges residential users a staggeringUSD 954.54 per month for their ADSL.

Meanwhile Namibia (USD432.86), Zimbabwe (USD 170.00) and Mali (USD 163.96) areamong the 10 most expensive countries.
All 13 countriesin Oceania were found in the most expensive half of theglobal table. Generally, larger landmasses such as Australiaand New Zealand are cheaper than smaller islands in theregion. Fiji, however, is actually the cheapest in Oceaniawith an average cost of USD 57.44.

Vanuatu (USD 154.07),Cook Islands (USD 173.57) and Papua New Guinea (USD 597.20)are the most expensive in the region, with the latter comingin second-most expensive in the world.
In a previous report, over 63m broadband speed tests to rank nearly 200countries by the average internet speed they offer. If youwish, you can couple figures from this research to identifycountries that are, for example, both slow and expensive orcheap and fast.
Commenting on the findings of theresearch Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms analyst at[10],said:[8][9] “In the UK there can be no doubt thereis still a significant number of people who feel they arepaying too much for a service that’s less than adequate.However, the hugely popular narrative that the UK has awful,expensive broadband simply isn’t true.

“These figures,along with the global speed measures[11] we released inAugust this year, show the UK is not only in the top fifthfastest, but also in the top third cheapest in both theworld and Western Europe. “Our data demonstrates thatwhen it comes to broadband, both the national marketplaceand the infrastructure that underpins it are imperfect nomatter where you live. “With a healthy, open marketplaceoffering very cheap broadband deals to everyone, andso-called ‘superfast’ speeds to almost 96% of homes, theUK is doing considerably better than the majority ofcountries around the world.”
Notes foreditors
oIMPORTANTNOTICE: The numbers shown in the body of the textin this release are reflective of exchange rates as theywere at the time of writing.

The exact amounts in the fullresults spreadsheet change along with fluctuations inexchange rate – they are ‘live’ for want of a betterword oA full methodological description as wellas specific instructions on how to manipulate the data canbe found in the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet oIf using our research and/or commentary we woulddeeply appreciate a link either to or indeed to ourmedia centre

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