Ster-Kinekor installing D-BOX motion seating

Ster-Kinekor will install D-BOX motion cinema seating at four of its theatres in South Africa. The four complexes are The Zone Rosebank and Mall of Africa in Gauteng, Cavendish Square in Cape Town, and Gateway Shopping Mall in Durban. Mall of Africa will be the first cinemaplex to receive the technology, and will open its D-BOX seats on 23 November.

“Each theatre will be equipped with 50 D-BOX seats, amongst the regular seating. This will cater to a growing number of moviegoers who are looking for cutting-edge, premium entertainment experiences,” said Ster-Kinekor. The seats will move and vibrate in sync with the movie, with viewers able to adjust the intensity of the experience.

D-BOX titles which will release this year include Justice League, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Coco. Ster-Kinekor will also host pre-release screenings of Star Wars on all IMAX and standard screens at 20:00 on 14 December.

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