Spectrum Internet gearing up for lots more business full fibre in Bristol

Full fibre has been available for many years across the UK alas it will often cost an arm and a leg and if you are a business with 300 staff in a building that is not an issue usually, but for smaller firms the leap from standard SME broadband to full on leased line/Ethernet connectivity has been a leap too far, hence the new full fibre voucher schemes. Spectrum Internet who usually get a mention as a Fibre on Demand (FoD) provider in Wales are also active in Bristol and in addition to exploiting the Openreach infrastructure can also deliver via the Bristol Network[1], this network is a Bristol City Council concession that is exploiting ducting that delivered a community TV station back in the 1970’s and comprises 76km of ducting around the city and a further 60km that is to be refurbished. If you are a business working in Bristol then head over to[2] where Spectrum Internet provide more details of how the vouchers work.

Bristol has in the last couple of months seen an increase in the amount of native GEA-FTTP from Openreach, and given the pricing there should be no need to use a business voucher to access native infrastructure, since the install cost is usually just GBP99+VAT (or less if spread over the contract term).

An interesting addition to our coverage checker (and will be on our maps over the weekend) is that central Bath has seen Openreach GEA-FTTP appear in the city centre around the Roman Baths and while not blanket coverage there is more to be delivered.


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