Problems cancelling Telkom services

MyBroadband recently received complaints from three Telkom clients who said they have struggled to cancel their services. The requests included the cancellation of ADSL services, ISP services, and LTE services. One subscriber was on a month-to-month LTE package, and had tried to cancel the service since August.

The subscriber was promised the cancellation would take place in October, but this did not happen. In November, a customer care agent confirmed that the cancellation request had not been logged – and that the cancellation must be resubmitted. Another client wanted to downgrade his line speed and cancel his Telkom Softcap ISP account.

He started the cancellation process in June, but his Softcap account was only cancelled August – after he visited a Telkom store. He had also requested his 10Mbps line be downgraded to 4Mbps, which did not take place. The subscriber then decided to cancel the service entirely due to a lack of action from Telkom, and submitted the cancellation request on 25 September.

At the end of October, the cancellation had not been processed. Call centre agents said this was because of a new system, and because of a pending Telkom Integrated service blocking it.

Telkom responds

Telkom said it investigated the complaints detailed above and while it could not comment on specific details, it would resolve the issues. “Each cancellation request is received and reviewed based on the particulars of the contract conditions agreed to by Telkom and its customers – and therefore each cancellation is processed on its individual merit,” said Telkom.

“Telkom strives to ensure that this is a seamless process and in instances when a dispute arises, we endeavour to resolve the matter amicably.”

A successful cancellation

A MyBroadband staff member recently cancelled their Telkom ADSL service, with the request processed after the stipulated 30-day notice period passed. The Consumer Request for Contract and Service Cancellation form was used, which can be downloaded from the Telkom website[1]. To cancel a fixed service, the completed form must be sent to [email protected] To cancel a mobile service, the form must be sent to [email protected][2][3]

Telkom responded with an automated message acknowledging the request, and that it would be dealt with.

Telkom did not make further contact with the subscriber, but a call centre agent was contacted and confirmed the request had been received – after which the service was cancelled as promised.

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