Moto X4 review

Moto X4 review

Motorola’s mid-range X series of smartphones is back with the new Moto X4, which follows 2015’s Moto X Play[1], X Style[2] and X Force[3] line-up. This time, Motorola has opted to go back to just the one model to keep things simpler, and it’s certainly a compelling offering with plenty of interesting and impressive features. But it has stiff competition from Honor and OnePlus.

Moto X4 price and availability

Starting at ?349, the Moto X4 firmly sits within the mid-range category[4], designed for budgets that can stretch beyond the likes of the popular Moto G series[5], but can’t quite reach the high prices of the flagship Moto Z series[6].

You can buy one from Motorola’s own website[7], or from Carphone Warehouse[8].

For those in the US, the phone costs £399.99 and you can buy it directly from Motorola’s online store[9].


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