More Black Friday Sale offers on broadband

TalkTalk has removed the newspaper from its windows[1] to reveal the sale offer for the 10 days of the Black Friday Sale period until 30th November 2017.

  • Unlimited ADSL2+ Fast Broadband, GBP18.95/m for 12 months and no setup fee
  • Faster Fibre Broadband, unlimited up to 38 Mbps VDSL2/FTTC service GBP25/m, no setup fee and an 18 month contract
  • Fibre Large Broadband, unlimited up to 76 Mbps VDSL2/FTTC service GBP30/m no setup fee and an 18 month contract
  • TV Plus with Fast Broadband, ADSL2+ with full PVR and bonus entertainment package and no setup fee. GBP24.95/m for 18 months.
  • TV Plus with Faster Fibre Broadband[2], full PVR and bonus 30 channel entertainment package, GBP31/m on an 18 month contract and no setup fee saving GBP55.

The big bargains are that the up to 38 Mbps services are GBP2.50 per month cheaper than usual, and remember the minimum contract term is fixed price so no suprise price rises, also the no fibre setup and saving GBP25 on the PVR cost on the TV Plus products makes it a good time to switch. One other Black Friday Deals that is not linked with TalkTalk but its worth throwing it out there for people.

  • NOWTV has a range of pass offers for new customers[3], such as 2 months for the price of 1 and the biggest one is 12 months of Sky Cinema and Entertainment passes for GBP99, normal price would be GBP215.

    The only offers that seem to be available for existing customers are the setup boxes, where the NOW TV Smart Box (which combines FreeView and NOW TV) is just GBP19.99 including 2 months Sky Cinema (usually GBP63.96).


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