iPhone X iFixit teardown – Internals revealed

iFixit[1] has conducted a teardown of a 64GB iPhone X. Its teardown revealed that the iPhone X has two lithium-ion batteries, totalling 10.35Wh (2,716mAh at 3.81V), and a dual-stacked logic board. “The downside of this clever design is that board-level repair will be extremely difficult – near impossible in some cases,” said iFixit.

Among the components in the device is 3GB of LPDDR4x RAM from SK Hynix. Apple’s A11 Bionic chip is layered over the memory chip. The cellular modem and LTE transceiver from Qualcomm and a 64GB flash memory chip from Toshiba are also mounted on the board.

The iPhone X is set to launch in South Africa[2] by mid-November.

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