Internet advertising is where you want to be

PwC and IAB SA have released the 2016 Internet Advertising Revenue Report. “Key outcomes from the report indicate total Internet advertising across all forms, devices, and platforms increased by 13% to R3.95 billion,” stated the report. It stated that despite the downturn in the South African economy, the Internet advertising market continued to show healthy growth.

Total Internet advertising revenue was R3.95 billion for 2016, which was spread across online advertising and search advertising.

“This study confirms some things we already knew… with return on marketing investment becoming more and more a measured deliverable against marketing spend, it is imperative that advertisers, media planners, and buyers are well versed in the trends now and anticipated in the future to deliver on these expectations,” said IAB SA.

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  1. ^ Tencent joins OpenStack as gold member (

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